COVID, the DRC, and Employees

COVID-19 UReturn FAQ

1. I am having issues with ergonomics now that I am at home. Can UReturn help me? If so, how?

UReturn has and will assist with virtual assessments of your home workspace. You can start by downloading our work-from-home ergonomics fact sheet. We will also bring in the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (DEHS) resources if necessary. DEHS Links:  

2.    I applied for Short Term Disability through UNUM.  My orthopedic surgery was cancelled at the last minute and I am not able to reschedule it at this time.  I am having a lot of pain and am unable to do my job.  Can you help me?  (And other questions about UNUM benefits).

Please contact the University Employee Benefits office.

Also please connect with your UReturn Access Consultant regarding possible workplace accommodations.

3.   What are my options regarding pay if it is determined that I cannot work remotely, but am medically required to stay at home?

Please contact your HR professional and/or the University Employee Benefits office.

4.    Do I need to disclose my underlying medical condition that may be adversely affected by COVID 19 exposure?  

No.  If you have been exposed to COVID 19, or tested positive for COVID 19, you will be asked to disclose this information from a public health standpoint (and take the proper precautions-  self quarantine etc).  You do not have an obligation to disclose additional diagnoses that may require additional steps be taken to avoid exposure, or additional accommodations to avoid exposure.  DRC/UReturn can assist in maintaining your confidentiality as it relates to your personal health information outside of COVID 19.

University of Minnesota COVID-19 Operational Updates