Please note: During the COVID-19 period, all DRC staff are working remotely until further notice. The best way to reach us is by email. If it's more convenient to reach us by phone, please call our main number at 612-626-1333 and leave a voicemail.

DRC Staff Photo


Administration - Suite 170 

Name Title Phone Email

Donna Johnson

Director 612-624-4120

Scott Marshall

Associate Director 612-626-4954

Tim Fitzgerald

Info Tech Professional

Dawn Haugen

Office Manager 612-626-2644


UReturn - Suite 170

Name Title Phone  Email
Front Desk Receptionist 612-624-3316

Neal Binsfeld

Access Consultant 612-626-8035

Daryn Christenson

Access Consultant 612-624-4037

Dave Fuecker

Associate Director  612-626-7925

Staci Samson

Access Consultant 612-626-8058

Bill Solboe 

Access Consultant 612-624-8807

Nancy Erickson

Access Consultant 612-624-3505

Gail Hain

Access Consultant 612-625-8530
Douglas Collins Administrative Assistant
Fax- Suite 170   612-625-5572  


Student Access - Suite 180

Name Title Phone Email

Front Desk

Receptionist 612-626-1333

Cynthia Fuller

Associate Director 612-626-8427

Sohail Akhavein

Manager 612-625-7713

Barbara Blacklock

Program Coordinator 612-626-7379

Emily Ehlinger

Manager 612-626-2976

Molly Giffin

Access Consultant 612-626-4782

Morgan Brown Winegarden

Access Consultant 612-301-2262

Angela Carter

Access Consultant 612-625-8678

Todd Helmer

Access Consultant 612-624-6884

Brittni Kuduk

Access Consultant 612-625-7488

Roberta Kehne

Physical Access Coordinator 612-624-1801

Adam Tarshish

Access Consultant 612-626-1333

Chris Luhmann

Access Consultant 612-301-2249

Hlee Moua

Access Consultant 612-301-2203

Rachel Anderson

Access Consultant 612-624-9310

Daryn Christenson

Access Consultant 612-624-4037

Erika Theiler

Access Consultant 612-626-9459

Matthew Belsky

Access Consultant 612-626-1333
Alex Schlicker Access Consultant
FAX   612-626-9654  


Access Programs - Suite 180

Name Title Phone Email
Testing Center   612-624-1666

Aurelia Rosko

Testing Coordinator 612-626-0730
Access Assistant Program   612-301-1755

Crystal Scepaniak

Access Assistance Coordintor 612-624-6523

Katie Parry 

Access Assistance Coordintor 612-301-1640
Sara Paul Access Assistance Coordintor
Document Conversion      

Katie Burger

Doc Con Coordinator 612-625-3506

Jordan Jennings

Doc Con Coordinator 612-625-3883

Laura Lautaret

Doc Con Coordinator 612-625-0789

Davin Martinson

Info Tech Specialist 612-626-7141

Mason Nunemaker

Document Conversion Editor and Assistive Technology Assistant no phone

Christian Schroeder

Doc Con Editor 612-626-2211

Ariele Strachan

Doc Con Editor 612-625-4070


Computer Accommodations Program - Suite 160

Name Title Phone Email
Tonu Mikk Info Tech Professional 612-625-3307


Interpreting / Captioning Unit - Suite 190

Name Title Phone Email

Ander Bolduc

Associate Director 612-624-1332
Paula Clark Manager of Real-Time Captioning Services

Cheryl Fielitz

Manager of Interpreting Services 612-624-3730
Emily Paul Assistant Director of Media Accessibility 612-625-8238
Carletta Yancy Interpreting Coordinator 612-626-8987

Tara Schlechter

Media Captioning Coordinator 612-964-9613

Maria Holloway 

ASL Interpreter No Phone

Ardis Houle

ASL Interpreter No Phone

Jules Lehto

ASL Interpreter No Phone

Sam Oie

ASL Interpreter No Phone

Barb Podesta

ASL Interpreter No Phone
Marilyn Chiarello ASL Interpreter No Phone

Nicole Thornberg

Designated ASL Interpreter No Phone
Tamar Nelson ASL Interpreter No Phone

Janna Knittel

C-Print Captionist No Phone

Erin Carik

C-Print Captionist No Phone

Will Clashe

C-Print Captionist No Phone

KeriAnn Hollerud

C-Print Captionist No Phone

Sina Hanson

C-Print Captionist No Phone

Melinda Markell

C-Print Captionist No Phone

Alison Nelson Chabot

C-Print Captionist No Phone

Mike Toft

C-Print Captionist No Phone

Erin Watson

C-Print Captionist No Phone
Fax -190   612-626-6711